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Apr 16

New Vidz - Comfort Inn Ending - Jhene Aiko

Don’t mess with Jhene or your Jordans might end up in a bonfire. Really don’t mess with anyone. Men, just don’t lie, just be upfront from the jump. That’s it. That’s all I have to say…

peace & xoxo

Wellness Wednesday - Leading Ladies

The quote says it all. Ladies and Gents listen up and be the leader of your own life. 

Apr 15

Tuesday Tunez - Alicia, Pharrell, & Kendrick..Oh My!

Alicia Key

Apr 9

Web on Wednesdays - Google’s Nightwalk in Marseille

Oh Marseille, how I dream about going back to visit you! Lovely start to this type of interactive experience Google. I did want more opportunities to go off route. I found myself wanting to explore more outside of the main path. 

Apr 7

How to be beautiful - Generosity

In the mindfulness reading I’ve been doing they discussed generosity. How we must give to ourselves first, then give to others. And always give mindfully. 

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