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Oct 14

Tuesday’s Tunez - FKA Twigs

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy FKA Twigs, Water Me.

Oct 13
“There is beauty here because there is much beauty everywhere.”

Rilke in Letters to a Young Poet

Remembering that there is beauty everywhere is a helpful tip. Approach each person and conversation as a chance to see beauty up close. 

Oct 7

Oct 2
“Happy 1st birthday to this blog! Yay!” ~ms. GaLaXY

Sep 23

State Goods Presents A Pirates Blend Mix By L’Oqenz

Akua - Monsters
Tribe Called Red - Red Riddim (Ft. Eastern Eagle)
Allie - Private Island
Mnisota - The Sound That Made Nothing (Ft. Zaki Ibrahim & Tanika Charles)
Michael Rault - Lost Something
Marlon James - Shine
Lal - Tiny Mirrors
Slow Pitch - Dimly Lit Existence
Progress - Hey Zeus
River Tiber - What Are You Afraid Of
Bonjay - Stumble
Sean Leon - September 7th
Rayzak Hassan - My Light | @PiratesBlend | @loqenz

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