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Sep 23

State Goods Presents A Pirates Blend Mix By L’Oqenz

Akua - Monsters
Tribe Called Red - Red Riddim (Ft. Eastern Eagle)
Allie - Private Island
Mnisota - The Sound That Made Nothing (Ft. Zaki Ibrahim & Tanika Charles)
Michael Rault - Lost Something
Marlon James - Shine
Lal - Tiny Mirrors
Slow Pitch - Dimly Lit Existence
Progress - Hey Zeus
River Tiber - What Are You Afraid Of
Bonjay - Stumble
Sean Leon - September 7th
Rayzak Hassan - My Light | @PiratesBlend | @loqenz

Sep 22
“…live in the breath.”

Amit RayOm Chanting and Meditation

As they say in mindfulness the breath ‘anchors us to the present moment.’ What better way to start the week then remembering to breath. 

Sep 16

Tuesday’s Tunez - The EDM dance recital.

It’s still Tuesday. This video is filled with so many soon to be party girls and boys! Love it. Love Keys n’ Krates & Dim Mak for sharing it!

peace & xoxo,

ms. galaxy

p.s. Are We Faded is a pretty good tune, too.

Sep 15

Even Party Girls are quiet…sometimes…

Sep 9

Tuesday’s Tunez - Festival Music House at TIFF 2014

A little sampling from Youtube of the bands I heard over the past two days at the Festival Music House at the Toronto International Film Festival 2014.

Monday was headlined by the amazing A Tribe Called Red.

Sunday night featured the soulful Justin Nozuka and trio Bad Bad Not Good.

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